Tide Pods to the Rescue! #LaundryRedefined

*As a member of The bLink Marketing Network, I participated in this sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Proctor & Gamble. The opinions and text are all mine.*

As a mom of a teenager and rising 1st grader, anything that makes my life easier is going to make me happy!  I LOATHED don’t care for doing laundry because it’s such a hassle and trying to lift those huge bottles of detergent can become so cumbersome.  And don’t even get me started on the mess it can make when someone (the teenager or hubby) has washed clothes and let the detergent ooze down the side of the bottle and make a nice gooey mess.  I am not here for any of that and apparently it doesn’t seem to annoy anyone in my house except me.  Go figure!


First off notice how cool the container is for the detergent!  With this top of product you want to make sure they stay moisture free and this air-tight container ensures that will be the case.  Also you want to make sure to keep this product out of the reach of little fingers.  And the top makes it a lot harder for those little mischievous hands to get a hold of the product.   [Read more…]

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Christmas in July Origami Owl Necklace Giveaway

First off can you all believe that the year is already more than half way over?!?!  What better way to mark the middle of the year than kick it off with a little Christmas in July Origami Owl giveaway!  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE giveaways.  One of my good blogging boos Dani of OK, Dani! is always hating on me because I win so many of them.  Heck last year I won about 3 of hers and she was pretty close to banning me from entering.  But because she loves me so she let me keep on keeping on…LOL!

For the last 2 1/2 years I’ve been a Designer Consultant with Origami Owl.  It has afforded me with some extra cash and an awesome discount on some pretty cool jewelry.  The best part of me having all this jewelry is that I get to do whatever I want to with it.  And there’s nothing better than a giveaway.

coilylocks-origami-owl-christmas-in-july-giveaway-2015-1 [Read more…]

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Vitiligo Coverage with No Worries Cosmetics

*This post contains affiliate links.  I will use the money made to buy more nail polish…and wine!  I also received products to review and all opinions expressed are my own.*

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a cosmetics company on twitter by the name of No Worries Cosmetics.  What caught my eye was that their foundation was no sweat….no sweat people!  I spent all summer in Florida and I literally wore makeup one time.  And that was to meet up with some of my blogging/social media boos when I went to Jacksonville.

After checking out the site I tweeted the owner, Jill, of No Worries Cosmetics and said that her products would be a god send in this sweltering Florida heat.  While reviewing her site I also noticed that she had products that would help with vitiligo coverage.  At that point I knew I had to reach out to them to learn more.

In case you missed it, my youngest daughter begin developing vitiligo last summer (read Morgan’s story) and she begin wanting to hide her skin by wearing leggings ALL THE TIME.  During the cooler months, that was all fine and dandy but when that summer heat hit I knew she’d end up having a heat stroke trying to stay covered up!  I had a chance to speak with the Jill on the phone about their products and I just LOVED the passion she had for her products.  When I shared Morgan’s story she stated that she wanted to send her some of their products to try.  

Karri and Kakarr colors No Worries No Colour Power No Worries Magic Drops

Karri and Kakarr colors
No Worries No Colour Power
No Worries Magic Drops

Here are 6 awesome things about No Worries Cosmetics:

  1. Feels like a second skin
  2. Will not smear or rub off
  3. Minimized fine lines and wrinkles
  4. Anti-shine matte finish
  5. Available in 39 different shades
  6. Waterproof

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2016 Kia Sorento #DriveKia #DriveShop


Last week Drive Shop dropped off a 2016 Kia Sorento for our family to review for a week.  Last year our SUV “died” and we ended up getting a sedan.  I’ve always loved the feel of driving an SUV and the Kia Sorento is a perfect mix of SUV and a sedan.  I loved the style and the color was Snow White Pearl which looked absolutely beautiful when the sunlight hit it!  To say the car was fully loaded would be an understatement.  I think the only things missing were a DVD player and a mini fridge.

The lane departure feature is amazing for those road trips or late night driving.  It gives the alert to let you know when you are starting to shift over into the other lane.  I tried it out by changing lanes without signaling and was just in awe at how the car knew I was leaving my lane.  And nothing more annoying than when you set the car on cruise control and have to keep adjusting it to keep up with the flow of traffic.  You can set it so that the speed will be consistent with 1-3 car lengths ahead of you.  That is just pure genius!  And the alert for your blind spot was pretty cool too. Always seems as though people like to just hang out in your blind spot area just when you’re wanting to switch lanes.  We’ve been in Florida for most of the summer so when I learned that the front driver and passenger seats were equipped with a cooling feature I almost jumped for joy.  Imagine sitting on leather seats after the car has been basking in glory of the Florida sunshine…not pretty!  But within a few moments those seats were so cool that it almost felt like I had put menthol on my back…LOL!  The front and middle also had heated seats, as well as a heated steering wheel, but clearly there was no need to test that out in the summer.  HAHA! [Read more…]

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