Advertising and PR

Coily Locks is a PR Friendly Blog owned by Alisha Lampley.

I would love to feature products that are geared towards moms who are budget conscious, working moms, fashion forward moms, moms who are on the go and family friendly products.   I am also open to other products if it’s something I would like or my readers would like.  Products for review must be worth $25 or more, and I prefer that a sample can be offered as a giveaway to my readers for the same amount.  You will need to send me a sample of the item(s) (non-returnable).

My only requirement for giveaways is that you send the product to the reader rather than send to me. I will choose a winner randomly and send you the contact information (please do not share with any third parties). If interested in a giveaway only, I require a $25 fee (depending on the campaign) for me to post and host the giveaway.  It takes time for me to write a post, promote in Facebook and Twitter, set up entries in Rafflecopter, and work with the winner(s).  I may waive this fee for a considerable giveaway or if combined with a larger advertising campaign.

If you would like to submit a sponsored post, it is subject to review and if it meets our requirements, there is a $25 per post fee.
If you are interested in me featuring your products, please email me at info@coilylocks.

If you would like to purchase add space, the cost is $10 and it will run for 30 day.

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