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arisulfur soap

Every since I turned 40 (last year) my skin has decided to go crazy and I have been dealing with acne like a hormonal teenager.  “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”  So when I was asked to review AriLabs Ari Sulfur Soap I literally jumped at the chance!  The Ari Sulfur facial treatment bar is the genius idea of renowned dermatologist Dr Patricia Yap and her sister, chemist Felice Campbell.  I even had a chance to speak with Mrs. Campbell on the phone and was even more impressed with their product after learning about how she and her sister developed it together.

There are not many products that are specific to the needs of ethnic skin.  Their products are developed and formulated in collaboration with a leading Dermatologist, using the most effective ingredients to target many skin conditions including acne, razor bumps, liver spots, age spots and hyperpigmentation (dark spots).  Dark spots have been a major problem with my skin in addition to the acne breakouts.  

Ari Sulfur Soap

Ari Sulfur Bar is made from a unique blend of volcanic sulfur, tropical aromatic fragrance and natural oils in Jamaica. The rich lather contains all of the healing properties of sulfur but none of the smell!  I noticed after the first use that my skin felt so much smoother and the soap was not drying as can be the case in most over the counter products used to treat acne.


I’m very pleased with the results I’ve gotten in just 30 days!  The sulfur in the soap is part of what makes it so great!  Sulfur has antifungal and antibacterial properties, which makes it effective in treating skin conditions such as:

  • Mild to severe acne

  • Hair bumps

  • Pityriasis versicolor (liver spots)

  • Dissolving blackheads

  • Dissolving whiteheads

  • Removal of dark spots left behind by pimples on the face, chest and back.



The product is very easy to use.  The soap comes with a sponge that is used to lather the soap so you can apply it to your skin.  This also helps the soap last even longer.  You know how when you run water over the soap to lather it?  Well that makes the soap dissolve pretty quick and you end up wasting more soap then you use.  The first thing you do is moisten the facial sponge with water.  Create a thick lather by rubbing the sponge over the soap.  Apply a thin layer to the skin and let is sit on the skin.  The directions on the package says to let it sit for 3-5 minutes, but Mrs. Campbell actually recommends at least one hour.  Then rinse and apply a moisturizer if needed.  You can also use the soap twice a day but if you experience dryness, but back to once a day.

Are you having issues with your skin and would like to try Ari Sulfur soap?  You can check at AriLab’s site for locations on where you can purchase it for yourself.  Looking forward to having my clear skin back!


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  1. Pumpkin_pop says

    I just started using it yesterday and was thinking that my face was starting to break out more. It may all be in my head… Did you experience worsening effects before it got better? Also do you recommend leaving it on for an hour?

    • says

      I use to actually put it on my face and let it sit overnight then I got lazy…LOL So now I just put it on before I get in the shower and my skin has pretty much stayed the same. I know I’m looking for a good moisturizer now that the seasons are changing. Also make sure and drinks LOTS of water, but I’d say if it’s not getting better after 6-8 weeks then it just might not be the best for your skin or you could possible be allergic to one of the ingredients. Good luck!

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