Wine Wednesday | Enjoy Summer with a Wine Slushy!


wine slushie alisha lampley coily locks

First off… can you believe that Summer is almost over?!?!  How the heck did that happen!  My oldest daughter returns to school today and my little one starts next week.  In addition to this Summer flying by just as fast as the speed of sound, I also started working Full-Time outside of the home again.  Add a crazy work schedule, not being able to spend more time with my girls all Summer, buying school supplies and you end up with one over-worked stressed out mom!  Now if you’ve been following me for any amount of time you know that I love me some wine!  One of my favorite sayings is “Everyone needs to believe in something… I believe I’ll have another glass of wine!”

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MANICure Monday | 4th of July Fireworks Nail Art

Welcome to a holiday edition of MANICure Monday!  Can you believe it’s almost July?!?!  Summer is just getting geared up and my oldest daughter is going to be starting school the end of July and my baby is going to be starting Kindergarten  on August 6th!  Where in the world did the first half of this year go?  Oh well…on with what’s important – NAILS!  LOL

nail polish addict

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Wine Wednesday | Purple Toad Winery

Purple Toad Winery 2

Happy Wine Wednesday!  I had the pleasure of visiting the Purple Toad Winery in Paducah, Kentucky.  Any time we take a road trip, one of the first things I do is to check and see which wineries we will pass on the way there or back home.  Several came up, but the Name “Purple Toad” just sounded like it would be a cool place to visit and the reviews on Yelp were pretty good.

Purple Toad Winery 1

Purple Toad Winery is located on the edge of Paducah, Kentucky.  The name “Purple Toad Winery” originated from the color of your toes when grapes were pressed the old-fashioned way.  They combine modern wine making techniques with old world knowledge to produce award-winning wines.  The winery is quaint and just off the beaten path.  Once we arrived we were greeted by Shadow, a black labrador, who quickly made his way onto the sun porch since it was so darn hot and humid!  Inside the shop there were several gifts and wine related items available for purchase.  Ian, our server, was so nice and handed me a listing of all of their wines. Since I would be driving home I decided I’d limit my tastings (which are free) to just four.  ;) Continue reading →

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I’ll be at The Niche Parent Conference 2014! Will I see you there?


This year I have the distinct honor of being one of The Niche Parent Conference 2014 Ambassadors!  At the beginning of the year 2 of my blogging BFFs, Kim of Keystrokes by Kimberly & Michelle of Divas with a Purpose, and I challenged ourselves to come up with goals and a vision of what we wanted to accomplish for 2014.  One of my big goals was to attend at least 3 conferences.  At the time it was really just a dream and I just threw that number out there to try to attempt to make myself more accountable.  Well I’ve already attended one earlier this year and I have 3 more planned for this Fall!  (I’ll share the deets on the other ones later ;) )

Now for me one of the biggest things holding me back was cost.  I mean it takes money to make money, but when you are a SAHM it’s kinda hard to convince your spouse that shelling out several hundred for conference tickets, along with the added expense of hotel and airfare, would make sense.   Once I knew the conferences that I wanted to attend I made it my goal to make me being there not just a dream but a reality!  So when the chance came to apply as an ambassador for The Niche Parent Conference I jumped at it.  Heck I even made a YouTube video stating just why I wanted to attend.

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