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Are you a parent or educator in search of a fun way to teach young learners aged 5-8 to read a clock face and tell time?  From a kid’s perspective, time is a crazy concept: there are 60 seconds and 60 minutes, but 12 hours… unless there are 24!  And phrases like ‘a quarter til’ and ‘half past’ that we take for granted just seem to make their brains melt.  Tic Toc Time takes a holistic approach to teaching time; a family of beavers leads a progression of fun games that first explain using a compass and the movement of the sun and shadows before logically arriving at both digital and analog time-telling.   

Tic Toc iPhone apparoo Coily Locks 1

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Organic Valley – Muddy Waters Farm

Organic Valley Logo

This week I had the pleasure of visiting my first dairy farm!  And not just any dairy farm but an organic one!  Organic Valley “…their philosophy and decisions are based on the health and welfare of people, animals and the earth. They are a mission-driven cooperative, owned by family farmers, and we’ve been leaders in organic agriculture from the very beginning.”

Over this last year I’ve been trying to make a better effort when it comes to what I eat and exercising regularly.  unfortunately I’ve been slacking on both of those and I can definitely feel it in the way I feel and by how I look.  Thanks to Leah of Mamvation I was given the opportunity to go behind the scenes and see what the day in the life of an organic dairy farmer is all about.  Leah is a big supporter of healthy living practices to combat disease.

Organic Valley Family of Farms is the largest organic farmer-owned cooperative in North America. Being a cooperative means that the farm families that produce Organic Valley’s organic dairy products, juice, eggs, meat, soy, and produce are the direct owners of the business.

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$100,000 Ultimate Dream Wedding Giveaway at Nashville’s East Ivy Mansion

As most of you know I LOVE giveaways and this one is even more special!  I am one of the official bloggers covering this once in a lifetime wedding at the East Ivy Mansion located in historic Edgefield of Nashville, TN.  Is a wedding in your future?  You could win the wedding of your dreams with this giveaway for a bride and her groom along with 125 of their guests at Nashville’s East Ivy Mansion.

Please help me spread the word about the Ultimate Dream Wedding giveaway presented by NASH-FM’s Americas Morning Show & East Ivy Mansion.  Wait…it gets better.  The first dance performance is by Lee Brice!  Yes, the Lee Brice who is CMA and ACM Song of The Year Award Winning Artist.  This entire wedding gala will go down in history.  It is value at well over $100K and could be some lucky bride and grooms simply by entering here.

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MANICure Monday | Spring Chick Nail Art

This week’s MANICure Monday | Spring Chick is to celebrate that Easter is just around the corner!

 I was inspired by the nice warm weather to paint something Springy.  And of course I found this idea on Pinterest.  That place is gonna be the death of me.  But thank goodness I’ve been having better luck lately.  I love the yellow, white polka dots and little baby chick.  It’s the perfect mix for Easter and Spring!

The brand was NK nail enamel that I picked up at my local beauty supply store for about $1.  I was so happy when I finally found a yellow polish that was opaque enough that I wouldn’t have to use  a white polish as the base coat.  And the best part was the price!  I think beauty supply stores actually have some of the best colors around and it’s always fun to find a new brand that you might not find otherwise.

spring chick nail art

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