Nashville Write the Vision Board Party – Manifest Your Goals & Dreams

Once again I have the pleasure of co-hosting a Write The Vision Board Party right here in Nashville, TN! Vision boards can be a powerful (and fun) tool to help you manifest your goals so they become more REAL and tangible.  A few years ago my mom bought me The Secret and I really started to make a conscious decision to stop with the negative self-talk and not think things like “I’m broke” or “I wish could that”.  I started to think about what I wanted and in return not bring so much negativity around me.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Origami Owl

Some things never change.  If you wash your car it’s probably going to rain the next day.  You paint your nails then all of a sudden you have to use the bathroom.  And every year, on the same day, Valentine’s Day makes its appearance.  But for some reason, some people wait until the day before and end up paying a ridiculous amount of money for roses or something crappy because it was the only thing available.

Don’t be that person that waits until the last minute with a crappy gift that has zero sentimental value to it.  Going to share some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas from Origami Owl that will be sure to blow the socks right off your significant other!


The Better Half- She’s your *soul mate* and always in style!  This picture features our new gold Heritage locket with crystals with the 32″ gold flat oval chain.  All the charms and the heart plate are included in this gift collection.

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Madison Reed, I would like for you to meet Sybil!

Hey my peeps!  OMG can you all believe that I did not cut Sybil at all last year.  This means I won a bet with my friend Racheal and she now owes me drinks…winning!  Last year I did a self-imposed challenge that I would go one full year without cutting my hair.  Did you read about the challenge?

This time last year I was rocking a fierce brush cut.  My head was freezing but I was fierce!  LOL  December of 2013 was when I decided to give Sybil a fresh start and I loved it!

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