Wine Wednesday | Beans Creek Winery Review

If you’ve taken the time to read “All About Me” then you know that one of my favorite sayings is “Everyone needs to believe in something.  I believe I’ll have another glass of wine!”  I mean seriously wine makes everything better.  Heck even food with wine in it taste better!  I’m just sayin’…

Today’s post is a review of one of my favorite local wineries located in Manchester, TN which is about 60 miles outside of Nashville.  Beans Creek Winery began when Tom made his first wine in 1976 in a pickle crock in his mom’s kitchen along with his childhood friends, Joe and Dan Lasater.  He spent the next 30 years perfecting his wine style using grapes and fruit grown right here in Tennessee. With the help and support of other local wine growing families, Tom’s dream became a reality.  beans Creek Winery offers a wide selection of Tennessee wines, which I had the pleasure of sampling…yum!
Once you arrive inside the winery you are greeted by a friendly staff.  The inside of the winery shop was quaint and made you feel right at home.  Before partaking in sampling the spirits, I perused the store and found some very cute items.  Of course being a winery they had wine glasses.  But in addition to that they had cute aprons, napkins, marinades, jellies, ornaments and jewelry.

Look at all these yummy goodies! And the wine cozies are adorable!


Now if you want to learn the “how-to” of wine tasting Wine Lover’s Page has a great on-line course Taste Wine Like an Expert!  I sampled several different kinds of wine and ended up getting the Simply Strawberry. This is a sweet dessert wine that pairs well with cheesecake, chocolate, or ice cream.  I’m a big fan of sweet wines and this one did it for me.  It was so good with just a hint of strawberry at the end.  I don’t claim to be an expert at all and I just buy what taste good to me.

My sampling glass…I tried almost all of the sweet wines #dontjudgeme

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  1. Mimi says

    Listen. Were those Dixie cups actually attached to the stems?!! I have yet to go to a winery. From my understanding there is a really nice one here in the Atlanta area. My husband doesn't drink it, he's all about the liquor but maybe I will get a bunch of the girls together and head out to see what its all about.

  2. Alisha Lampley says

    They are so much fun! Also check and see what kind of fun events they have going on in your area. This particular winery has outdoor concerts from May-October.

  3. Alisha Lampley says

    I chose not to take any pics after I started sampling the wine…didn't want to look like a complete lush…LOL

  4. Alisha Lampley says

    Yes girl they were! I cracked up when I saw them. That's how we get fancy in Tennessee. LOL I bet if you plan something in advance they could set it up for a group. That would definitely be a fun girls day outing!

  5. Alisha Lampley says

    They are a lot of fun! I'm hoping to hit up a lot of them and share with you all. I feel it's my civic duty to do so. LOL

  6. says

    It looks like you had a great time!! Those glasses are so cute and I love that apron! That Simply Strawberry sounds amazing! I haven't done a winery tour yet but this makes me want to go!

  7. Alisha Lampley says

    You definitely need to visit a winery. Most are kid friendly as well and will have juice, crackers and cheese available for the little ones.

    • says

      Jeanne that would be so much fun! I don’t know if the South is ready for the two of us. LOL And I need so much help with my home decor and backyard. It’s a hot mess haha!


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