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Hey everyone!  Today I have the pleasure of featuring another fellow natural, Lauren of The Sisterlocked Diva!  I’m pretty sure that we’ve all had some strange comments and reactions to our natural hair and Lauren wanted to share a few of those with my readers.  Enjoy!

The Sisterlocked Diva

The Sisterlocked Diva

In the nine months since having my sisterlocks installed, I have had some crazy things said to me about my hair!  Some of it comes from straight curiosity because many people may not know what sisterlocks are.  In brief, sisterlocks is a patented locking method created by Dr. Joann Cornwall where the hair is sectioned in a patterned grid with very small parts.  One may have 400+ locks on their head, and in the beginning because they quite don’t look like mature locks they are often mistaken for something else.  Here are a collection of the craziest things I have heard:

“Oh you trying to dread?” 

“Are those mini twists?”

“Those are cute, what kind of hair is that and where’d you buy it??”

“Your braids are getting long now!”

“How long did it take?  What?? Oh no, I would have died!”

“I am praying that God is going to make a way and bless me with sisterlocks!”

Probably one of the craziest experiences happened at TJ Maxx in Rockville!  This area is predominantly Caucasian so I was not expecting to have such a crazy experience as I shopped for bath accessories.  As I am walking down the aisles in the bath accessories section, I am strolling but I notice this woman who appears to be shopping for bath items too.  After aisle four, I began thinking that this lady was following me because she was always two steps behind me!  So aisle number six she makes herself known—and she starts by saying she loves my hair!  I love compliments, however following me for six aisles is a little too much (not to mention stalkerish)!  Then, she starts asking me about my hair and what the process is like.  I loved having the chance to talk and explain
the concept of sisterlocks and how they are started.  Educating the natural world one head at a time!

So what are some of the craziest comments you all have had since you became natural again?

For more info about Sisterlocks and Lauren, you can find her here:


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