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Changing the Statistics: Why you Need a Stun Gun for Self-Defense

Self-defense is something you need to take time to perfect. Women are usually at the most risk of getting attacked by people wishing them harm. You can take self-defense classes to help you better deal with such situations. If you have neither the time nor the energy for such, you need to take other measures. A weapon such as a stun gun, pepper spray, or an improvised weapon shall come in handy.

Statistics show that there are too many sexual assault crimes being committed around us. There is never a moment when something terrible is not happening to someone near you. You need to ensure that you are not a victim of such. You will have an advantage when you buy yourself a stun gun.

A stun gun is something not lethal. You need such a weapon if you are ever isolated in a dark space. It shall help you disable the attacker without causing them permanent damage. It is important that you ensure that you are never anywhere near such a scenario. But if it is unavoidable, protect yourself with this gun.

It is also quick and effective. The electric charge from a stun gun is effective enough to put down an attacker in such a scenario. When they are zapped for a second, it shall cause them pain and muscle contraction, three seconds in and they shall be immobilized. A lot could have happened in that short period. You only need to learn how to use it, to make it even more effective.

It can have a disguised design. These guns are designed in many shapes and sizes. You can get a small one that shall fit into even the tiniest handbag. You can, therefore, stun the attacker both literally and figuratively. They can be made to look like the common items like a flashlight, or a deodorant stick.

They are also cost effective. This is a gun that will not need ammunition later, which makes it an even more affordable one to have. They also come with rechargeable batteries, which means no buying other batteries.

The way it stuns its victims shall have the attacker in a confused, disoriented and unbalanced state. The gun leaves their heart and organs unharmed. You will leave the scene with no scars to show for it. You need to be trained on how to use it to make it an even more effective weapon.

You should aim to buy a gun you can conceal and reach for fast. You should also go for one whose design is one that is in line with your sense of style. It is important to check with the state laws if you can carry one.

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