Hair of the Day! Twist (and shout) out!

Good day to you all!  I hope this post finds you all in a fabulous mood!

Once again in my quest to help Sybil (my hair) feel like a big girl I decided to do a twist out.  Y’all would not believe the shrinkage that I have to endure.  I did a wash and go the other day and a co-worker asked me if I got my hair cut.  O_o

One of my favorite styles to do to help stretch my hair is a twist out. A twist out is a hairdo where you two strand twist the hair, then allow it to dry by either air drying it or sitting under a hair dryer.  I always let mine air dry since my hair is still pretty short and it typically dries completely by the next morning.  For the latest twist out I started with a day old WNG (wash-n-go).  A WNG is when you simply wash or co-wash (washing only with conditioner) hair, add a styler gel or cream and roll out!  Since the weather is getting cooler, a WNG isn’t the best style unless I want to end up with a head cold…LOL

Me giving Sybil the side eye because she shrunk the heck up! “Damn you shrinkage!”

I sprayed my hair to get it damp but not soaking wet then I parted my hair into several sections and worked a small amount (pea size) of Coco Curls Styling Cream onto each section that I was going to twist.

I love this stuff for my twist outs!

Lawd look at that shrinkage!

Then after what seemed like an eternity, I twisted my whole head!  I’m pretty sure it took me a couple of hours, but without all of the interruptions (ie, kids) I would have been done in less than an hours.

Woohoo! All done!

All twisted up!











Sometimes I’ll keep the twist in for a few days if I’m feeling real lazy wanting to give my hair a break.  When I’m ready to untwist, I rub jojoba oil on my finger tips and carefully untwist each section.  Then to help fill in all those sections I take my pick and pick from the root a bit.  And viola!  This is by far the best way for me to stretch my hair and not end up looking like a poodle…LOL.

What are some of your favorite styles to stretch your hair?  How long do you usually keep your twist in?  Feel free to share some of your tips below about your favorite go-to style.

Pow! Look at Sybil now!



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  1. says

    I’m mad your hair has a name though! LOL! I love bantu knots and twist outs even on my transitioning hair. I can’t wait to see how these styles look on me when I am fully natural!

    • Coily_Locks says

      Brit, Sybil said don’t be hatin’ on her! LOL I think bantu knots are one of the best styles for people transitioning. I may have to do a post on fun styles for people transitioning…thanks for the idea! I’m not patient and my hair was already short so I just whacked it all off. Have fun trying new styles and thanks for stopping by. If you get a chance, check out the post I did where I introduce Sybil. 😀

  2. says

    I am loving twist outs lately too. I normally only keep my twists in until they dry. Typically a day/overnight. What I love most about a twist out is the way it keeps getting better as the days go on. It’s like the hair gift that keeps on giving. By day 5 I feel like Diana Ross, LOL!!!

  3. ministerofstyle says

    I love your twist out, if only I could achieve that look. Le sigh but anyhow it is growing so fast, Sybil is not a baby anymore, she a fast behind teenager, lol.

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