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How to Pick Out the Best Brake Pads for Heavy Towing

Brake pads do not get the respect they deserve in spite of them being a crucial component for trucks and heavy towing vehicles. What they do not understand is that assuming that they are not that important is downright dangerous. You cannot just put average pads on your heavy towing machine and think that it will serve you for lengthy period. When on the road, the brake pads will fail with no warning, which can cost you’re your truck or even worse. It is not simply identifying the right brake pads suitable for your heavy towing machine considering that there are an array of options in the market all differing from each other. When it comes to selecting the best brake pads for heavy; there are plenty of elements that one ought to keep into consideration.

Brake pad materials is one paramount factor that you should consider as you search for the perfect pads for your needs. The braking pads are made friction material designed to help your vehicle reduce speed in time. That said, the material used will not always be the same from one kind of pad to the other. For instance, there is the organic brake pads which are made from non-asbestos natural fibers which are. Brake pads can only be labeled as organic if they contain metal that is less than 20 percent. The core advantage of the pads is that they do not produce a lot of noise and have an extended rotor life, but their weakness is that they don’t perform optimally or last as long under extreme temperature uses like heavy towing.

The other is the semi-metallic pads which are better than the organic when used under high temperatures. They are the suitable for heavy-duty application like the heavy towing as they offer better grip as the temperature increases. The latest option is the ceramic brake pads which comprise of ceramic fiber-containing friction materials. The perfect material will depend on your use, if you need one for towing, then you should go for a material that will suit that kind of application. You ought to pick material equivalent to what the manufacturer has specified.

It is best that you stick with brake pad brands that have been proven and certified. This vital especially if you want pads for heavy towing or racing, where brake failure is not very forgiving. You may need to pay more for high quality brands, but you will be getting optimal returns in terms of performance for the money spent.

Furthermore, check the temperature ratings of the brake pads when shopping. Choose an option that will perform at its best in the temperature reached for during operation. That said, factors like tire type and brake cooling influence the temperature rating, so the values are not absolute.

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