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Digital Marketing Strategies
Digital Marketing is the segment of internet marketing which uses various internet and web based technologies like desktop computers, hand held cellular phones and other web based devices and platforms to advertise various products and services to consumers. The goal of a company using this method is to capture the minds of buyers through the interactive tools available on the Internet. Using a well planned and executed Digital Marketing Strategy, a company can reach out to many people within a short period of time. There are several digital channels available for Digital Marketing which includes Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click, E-mail marketing, Social media and Digital Advertising. This segment has seen rapid growth over the past few years. Digital Marketing provides companies a wide range of opportunities to promote their brands and reach out to the customers.

SEO is a popular digital marketing channel which helps in providing high quality search results to the clients who are searching for particular products and services using search engines like Google and Yahoo. These campaigns can be customized according to the budget and needs of the clients. Search engine marketing campaigns are generally used for offline business and businesses can also do these campaigns online. Paid inclusion is one of the most popular search engine advertising campaigns. In this campaign, paid inclusion links are generally placed on the top ten sites when an individual conducts a search using the keywords.

Pay per click (PPC) is one of the cost effective and popular techniques used by many digital marketers to gain exposure and attract more visitors to their websites. The concept of pay per click advertising is quite similar to that of traditional marketing. Digital marketers use different digital advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Advertiser’s Websites, Media Marketer’s Websites and Cost per Action (CPA) networks etc. to advertise their products. With every click, a small amount of money is charged by the advertiser.

Content Marketing: Content Marketing means to promote your website using various digital channels e.g. RSS feeds, blogs, forums, social networking sites, video channels, podcasts, audio channels etc. A new form of content marketing has emerged over the past few years, Digital subscriber servicing (DMS) is one of the newer digital channels used by many companies to reach their subscribers. DMS enables you to create a content rich website with text advertisements on certain web pages, without having to write original content yourself. You can publish your own articles to DMS sites and syndicate them to the article directories.

Social Media Marketing: Social media platforms have gained great popularity recently among the audience as it allows them to interact with the marketer in an interactive manner. It helps in building customer loyalty, which is very important for the long term success of a company. Most of the marketers prefer to take up SMM tactics to market their product using these social media platforms. Many of the companies today use Facebook and Twitter to run their digital channels campaigns. Companies can also post links to their company’s website and create promotional ads to run in the social media platforms.

All the three forms of Digital Marketing are essential in today’s market as they give you a unique opportunity to attract your target audience. However, your digital marketing strategy must always be driven by your end goals. It is a good idea to conduct a split test of your campaigns once in a while. You may start with one form of Digital Marketing and monitor its results. If you feel that your campaign is not yielding the desired results, then you can simply change your approach or devise a better strategy.

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