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Qualities of the Best Sod

Sod looks all the same, unrolls in the same manner and grows the same which makes it common of the untrained to assume there is nothing differentiating one from the other.

However upon close look at the various products there are, you will certainly come to the realization that there are some key qualities that separate high quality sod from the others. In any case you happen to be looking for high quality sod for installing in your home, check out this post for the following mentioned key characteristics that define the high quality sods you may want to have for your needs.

Talking of these qualities, one of these that you need to take into consideration when it comes to sod installations is the soil consistency of the sod you plan to have for installation on your lawns. Advisbaly, look at the much of the sod that is actually soil as you settle for them for your front or back yard. At the very least, it would be advisable for you to go for sod that has at least an inch of soil attached to it. Note the fact that too much soil would not be ideal and as well too little of the same would not be equally good or ideal. The reason for this is considering the fact that too much soil would prevent the roots of the grass seed in the sod to grow through the top soil and at the same time, with too little soil, the grass atop the sod will not find the support and the roots below will not be able to establish themselves. Looking at these, we can readily see the fact that the sod soil consistency is so crucial for the sod taking, growing and surviving. It is as well to be marked as a fact that as the sod takes root, before it finally takes root, it is the soil there is on it underneath that will be sustaining it all through. Thus, in the event that the soil dies or breaks up, then there will be no chance of your sod living past the time of the soil’s death. For the best soil, one that has the best consistency for the sod installation, you need to go for the kind of sod whose soil is neither one that break down or crumble nor the kind that is packed down.

One other quality that defines quality sod to know of is that of proper fertilization of the sod. One thing that you can be assured of is that such sods that are properly fertilized will indeed prove to be highly resistant to droughts or the extended periods of dryness to the ground they will be laid on.

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