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Things to Consider When Choosing for the Formative Tool

If you are using the digital formative assessment tools before, then you would know that they provide with the very meaningful way in order to assess the total understanding of the students. Starting from the online quizzes to those message boards, the formative assessments can be used to be added to that of your classroom that will let you assess or to monitor the development of each of the student in a way that will be interactive.

By definition, the formative assessment will help to identify in what area the student is excelling and struggling in order for the teacher to best alter that of their instruction in order to meet the needs of their students. The good thing is that you can take a sample of the population of the student – without hurting each of the student’s grades – and then you can be able to adjust your future instruction so that it will accommodate the learning necessity of the students who are under you.

It can be difficult to pick for what is the best options though the advantages are already provided clearly. There are actually various factors that will work with the classroom. Here are some of the simple steps that will guide you in choosing for the best kind of formative tool that you need.

Primarily, it is of great importance to make sure that you are to recognize what will be your end goal that you are aiming for your classroom. You will be able to base the selection of the tech-based formative assessment tool with your end goal. Thus, you can be able to work backwardly just to identify or for you to have the best or the effective tool for the formative assessment.

The second thing you need to consider is that you need to take the technology audit if possible. There will be other tools that can be useful in implementing the formative assessment tool like of example the single computer and also the phone. Make sure that you are going to take audit of that of your classroom so that you can determine what assessment tool you already been using at hand and make sure that you determine if that tool can help in conducting a formative assessment in an interactive and engaging way possible.

Last but not the least, make sure that you will identify those data that you will need. Different assessment tools do produce different data. Understanding the type of date that you will need will be an important tool for that of your classroom.

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