MANICure Monday | Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil 3 Day Hydration Treatment

For the last few weeks my nails have been dry, brittle, fragile and beyond thin.  I haven’t changed anything in my diet or medication so I was clueless as to why they were breaking so easily.  I follow several other bloggers on Instagram and noticed that a few were using Bliss Kiss Pure Cuticle and Nail Oil.

When I first went natural over 2 years ago I became such a product junkie trying to find my Holy Grail of products that would deliver on their promise.  Well now that I’ve become a nail polish junkie, the same holds true!  LOL  I can’t even tell you all how many products that I’ve purchased that claim to not chip, strengthen nails or dry polish quickly.  So I did my research and loved all of the great things that I read about the Bliss Kiss Nail Oil.

Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil 3 Day Hydration Treatment Coily Locks Alisha Lampley

Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil

After speaking with the creator of Bliss Kiss Nail Oil, Ana, I decided it would be best if I purchased the starter kit which included a pen that would be enough for the 3 day initial hydration treatment and a bottle of oil to refill.  I also decided to try the top coat because it is 3-Free and almost half the price of a Seche Vite.  Now brace yourself for my before picture because it is NOT pretty!  My cuticles have been so dry and my ring finger is beyond soft and damaged after I went to a nail salon to have acrylic on one when it had a tear that was too far down in the quick to cut.  Needless to say I won’t have that done again.

Before Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil 3 day hydration treatment

Before Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil 3 day hydration treatment

Lawd have mercy!  They look awful!  You may be wondering what exactly the 3 day hydration treatment entails.

  1. First you remove all nail polish
  2. Brush a tiny amount of oil over your nail, cuticle, sidewalls and under your nail.  One drop from the bottle is enough for all 10 fingers
  3. With your fingers, rub the oil into your nails and fingers up to the knuckle closet to your nail
  4. The oil should be well rubbed in and you should not have any on the pads of your fingers
  5. Over the next hour or 2, rub the surface oil into your nails.  You will notice that the nails will feel less oily each time you do this
  6. When you feel the oil has been absorbed and the nails aren’t oily, reapply just as you did in step 2.  You may end up needing to do this 8-15 during the first day.
  7. repeat the steps 2-6 and when it takes your nails 4 hours or more to absorb the oil, you are ready to seal in the oil with polish.  This typically takes 3 days and it’s best to do this on your naked nails.

I’m looking forward to sharing much healthier nails with you all next week.  What are some of your holy grail nail care items that keep your nails healthy and your manicure looking impeccable?

*This post contains an affiliate link and all products were purchased by me*


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  1. says

    I may need to get some of this stuff, my nails does this slice and chip thing! it’s ridiculous.
    I had some of the gel stuff to me it behave just like the acrylic. I will not be using that stuff anymore.

    can’t wait to see your results
    Lyne A recently posted…What can you do in 5 years?My Profile

  2. says

    You really make me wish I had nails. I mean in this picture I still feel like I have less nails than you I just want mine to grow! I can’t seem to get them to grow. I have tried everything. I think I am going to start treating them from the inside out. I can’t wait to see how you design them!
    Alicia recently posted…5 tips on staying organizedMy Profile

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