Motivation Monday | Where art thou motivation?!?!

Hey Monday…ugh!  So it’s time for me to discuss how much I love exercising, eating right and all that other crap stuff. Well it’s getting hard out here in these streets to stay motivated.  I don’t know if it’s my Spring allergies or what but I have zero umph.

motivation monday i don't want to do things coily locks

I go and exercise only because I HAVE to not because I WANT to.  I don’t even feel any better after I go now. What the heck is up with that?!?!  So I’ve been working on a few things to help make going to the Y more fun and something I look forward to.  Check out my list!

  • Others commenting on how good you look – well H E L L O!  If this doesn’t motivate you to workout what will!  It’s such a nice ego boost when people (outside of family & friends) notice a positive change.
  • My ratchet workout music – sometimes you just need a little raunchy music in your life to get you going.  There are a few songs that I added that really help me get going.  There’s just something about the right song that always lifts my spirit and puts me in a “I’m about to bust a move ” mood that makes working out more fun.
  • Motivational Quotes – for me the funnier the better!  I for one love to have a good laugh and heck that even burns calories!
  • My before picture – LAWD have mercy!  I’m so glad I took a picture of my “before” back in March 2013.  This one things MAKES me go work out.  It is NOT pretty and somebody could have told me I was walking around looking like Jabba the Hut.  Dang I thought I was cute.  -_-
  • An exercise class – I love going to Zumba class!  While weights are good, there is nothing like the fun of being around other people and having a good time.  I NEVER get that when I hit the weight room.  It’s full of a bunch of testosterone driven men that think they reign over every piece of equipment in that room.

So what does your list look like?





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  1. says

    Now Alisha,you just made me literally LOL. This was a very cute post. I am in this “Not-wanna-work-out” kick. I know I need too. I just have a serious lack of motivation. I have started the C25K program and I am on week 2. I will not give up.. I gotta keep pushing :(

    I have 80 pounds to lose and I see people who lose that in like 7 months. Here I am struggling with this for the pass 23098203984 years. Help me LORD! Keep pushing!
    Alicia recently posted…Gimme More……My Profile

    • says

      You can do it!!! That’s so much easier said than done but just make little mini goals and then reward yourself with something fun after each milestone like a mani/pedi or something fun! And if you feel like you just can’t do it, then hit me up and I’ll be your little cheerleader or I’ll complain with you. Depends on my mood! LMAO

    • says

      Ratchet songs seem to give me so much exercise life Kiwi! LOL And half of it is from the mess my 11yo wants me to hear. “Don’t drop that Dun Dun” “Gas Pedal” “Shake it like a red nose” just about anything else from people that butcher the English language and have a good beat. I don’t even try to listen to the words anymore…hahaha!

  2. Kimberly says

    Rotflol… This post has me laughing in tears. This is SO honest. Thanks for sharing. How are the workouts going?

  3. says

    I love everything about this! My ratchet go to song is “Youz a big fine woman won’t you back that Azz up” :) When I am walking or jogging, I just want to stop and shake my booty!! And pretend I’m in Zumba class!!!

    • says

      Echo I feel ya! Especially after I went and did Zumba after slacking for the last few months. I tried to walk today and pretty much fell out the lady in the cartoon…hahahaha!

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