My Big Chop!

I finally did it! Took my braids out last month and got my hair cut and colored on 11-9-11! I feel like a new woman! I feel so empowered now and who knew how a “relaxer” could make one so stressed! One of the big reasons I wanted to go natural was to help my 9 year old learn to love her own hair. Our society for some strange reason sees more beauty in the artificial and not what makes each of us unique.

I would also love to share my tips on caring for your hair. Everything does not always work for everyone and their hair type, but there are a few staple things to work for us all. The big one is making sure that you are also taking care of you inside and out. Exercise, eat right and be kind to others. I try to always live my life like this and truly believe that Kharma can be a “B” if you do her wrong! LOL

“Always smile because life is too short to go around pouting!” – Alisha

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