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Founded on the premise that the job of being Mom is one of the toughest to manage in the world, but the most under-serviced from a technology solution standpoint, KidsLink combines the best of a trusted social network with a highly secure filing system via three key features: the Stream, Vault and Storyboard. Through the Stream, moms can privately connect and seek advice from their close and trusted family and friends. The Storyboard auto-scrapbooks every child’s moments and organizes them chronologically, making the need to weed through photos and recall dates obsolete, while the Vault is a secure place to keep all important information for easy access, such as art, insurance cards and immunization records. Vault files can be shared with family, caregivers and healthcare providers as needed.  Continue reading →

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Guess who gets to attend the 45th Annual GMA Dove Awards 2014?




Guess who gets to attend their first music awards show???  ME!  I’m so blessed that I along with a group of awesome “social promoters” have the chance to attend the GMA Dove Awards show right here in Nashville, TN.  Huge thank you to Family Christian Stores for providing me with a ticket to attend the show.

The GMA Dove Awards Show’s mission is “to expose, promote and celebrate the gospel through music.”  And I for one am totally looking forward to seeing one of my favorite “idols” Mandisa perform.  I’ve been following her since she was on American Idol and can’t wait to see her perform live.  Who are you most excited to see perform during the show?   Continue reading →

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MANICure Monday | Are You Ready for Some Football?!?!

Wait…did I just seriously ask “Are you ready for some football?”  Clearly I’m delusional and what I meant to say “Are you ready for some football nailart”  Phew that’s much better!

This time of year I become a football widow.  I’ve tried over the years to learn more about the sport and get into all the drama, suspense and thrill of the game.  But alas, my only love for football will be with me painting a football on my nail!  LOL

football widow 2

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