Origami Owl – The perfect gift for that person that has it all!

Can you believe it’s only 54 more days until Christmas?!?!?!  I mean…not that I’m counting or anything *rolls eyes*.

2014 Christmas origami owl banner alisha lampley

Origami Owl is the perfect holiday gift for that special someone in your life.  There are so many awesome items that you can purchase and still be under $50!  The best part is that it’s all customized especially by you!  To make this easier for you I’ve come up with a few different looks that can help you get started.  What’s even better about the jewelry is that it can also be changed out to reflect the seasons, upcoming events or a special occasion. Continue reading →

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TULA Skincare Review & Giveaway

*Although I was compensated for this review, I’ve enjoyed the 30-day Balanced Skin Challenge with Tula.  My thoughts and opinions of the TULA skin care line are all mine.*


A few weeks ago TULA sent me their entire line and I was given the opportunity to try TULA for 30-days and give weekly surveys on how my skin is doing.  For some reason once I turned 40 (last year) my skin just decided to revert back to my teenage years.  Why Lawd why?!?!  Now I’ve finally gotten things under control but have been left with a few dark spots.  Also as we age, the collagen in our skin, that is, the supportive structure, starts to break down and it’s more difficult for our skin to build it back up again.  Also, the supportive subcutaneous fat, which supports our skin, we tend to lose that with age.  This makes our skin much thinner.  And we all know thinner looking skin will make you look SUPER old!

Tula means balance.  The concept of the line is that we need to take care of our insides to look good on the
outside.  That  feeling beautiful on the outside can improve how we feel on the inside.  The line specifically incorporates a patented Probiotic Technology, which is quite unusual in skin care products.  Recent studies have shown that the topical use of probiotics stimulates skin’s protective mechanism, improves moisture and the balance of the “good” bacteria on the skin’s. Which I definitely noticed a balance in my skin’s moisture level.  I have mostly oily skin so of course sometimes I would skimp on properly moisturizing my face because…well it just made it feel oilier!  But what I have noticed is that my skin is super hydrated now and doesn’t feel greasy by the end of the day. Continue reading →

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Get your first month of Peekapak for $5!

 *This post may contain affiliate links*

Peekapak coily locks alisha lampley 5 for first pak 1

 A bit about Peekapak – they are an emerging subscription box designed for families with children aged 4-8 to bring play-based learning into the home.  Play-based learning is important for a young child’s development as it helps facilitates their interaction with peers, materials and ideas.  Countless studies have documented the benefits which include increased creativity, imagination and better problem solving.  Although most educators are familiar with play-based learning, most families are not – and so Peekapak was developed.  They include all the materials to complete the crafts too!  I love the idea of combining crafts and books.  Peekapak is $24.99 a month with discounts for longer subscriptions.  You can also get a sibling add on pack for $12.99 a month.  If you click HERE you’ll be able to get your first box for only $5.  But hurry because this offer ends on November 2nd!

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Nashville Vision Board Party

Hey fellow Nashvillians!  You know I’m always headed to Atlanta (heck any other state than Tennessee) for events and conferences.  Well that’s about to change!  I along with two beautiful and talented ladies will be co-hosting a Nashville Vision Board Party!

Nashville Vision Board Coily Locks Bloggers Lifestyle Alisha Lampley

If you’re like a lot of people you might be wondering what the heck is a vision board?  A vision board is a collage of pictures, phrases, words or items that represent you and your goals. Vision boards are for inspiration; think of it as a vision of the future if you will. These goals can be either short-term or long-term.

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