Can Biotin Help Sybil Get Out of This Rut?

As many of you know I decided that I would go on a no cut challenge back in December.  Well here we are almost 5 months later and my hair seems to be growing so much slower than when I did my first big chop 2 1/2 years ago!  I was recently sent a bottle of Biotin from Eu Nautral and a bottle of Vibrance Pure Healthy Hair formula.  I’m hoping that the supplements will help Sybil get of of this rut.

biotin review healthy hair

Biotin refers to a water-soluble B-vitamin.  It is sometimes known as vitamin H or coenzyme R, but when you are shopping for supplements you will usually find it under either “Biotin” or “Vitamin B7.”  Biotin is among the best overall supplements you can take for a variety of applications.  Vitamin B7 plays an important role in energy metabolism, and is also a building block for the production of new cells and fatty acids.  Along with these functions, Biotin is involved with the regulation of blood glucose and the transfer of carbon dioxide.  Most peoples’ bodies actually naturally produce enough biotin on their own not to need an additional intake, but for some people with biotin deficiencies, health problems can result.  Taking biotin in supplement form can help to reduce symptoms and increase overall health. Continue reading →

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MANICure Monday | The Fault in our Stars Nashville Fan Event #TFIOSTN

Last week I had the pleasure of attending “The Fault in our Stars” Nashville Fan event.  My good blogging friend Liz of Yes/No Films was able to get us Media passes so we were up close and personal with the stars and author.  To get ready for the event I decided that it would be perfect for me to create nail art based on the movie.  One of the famous lines from the story is the dialogue between the two main characters “Okay?”  “Okay.”

I didn’t have any blue that matched the color of the book so I had to use what I had.  I used black and white nail art pens from Sally Hansen, Maybelline’s Color Show Color Me Blue and Rush 60-second high speed polish in Blue.

the fault in our stars nail art

Photo Courtesy of

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Apparoo App of the week | iStoryTime

Apparoo app of the weekapparoo-disclosure-coily-locks-alisha-lampley

This week’s Apparoo App of the week is iStoryTime.  Sometimes simple is best. No matter how many fancy toys your kid has, they always end up on your lap saying “Mama, tell me a story.” iStoryTime is like a central library for kids’ books, and they wisely left off extraneous features, letting the stories shine. It includes four free books and then you can buy more à la carte, or pay a monthly or annual fee, Netflix-style, for unlimited books. With new books released in the app every week, there is always fresh content to enjoy. Stories can be narrated or silent, allowing your child to read independently when they’re ready. As Leonardo said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” (Da Vinci, not DiCaprio, people.) Download iStoryTime free!

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Oh how I miss you Butterducks Winery | Wine Wednesday

First off let me preface this post by saying that I am not a “wino” but I visit wineries and sample varieties of wine for my readers.  LOL

drink more wine justify coily locks

Last year during Spring Break I had the pleasure of visiting Butterducks Winery located just outside of Savannah, Georgia in Effingham County.  One of my good friends, Vanessa, that I grew up with located the winery since she knew I’d be in town and how much I LOVE wine!

Butterducks Winery sweet peach wine blackerry bliss review coily locks 2

Butterducks Winery’s setting is absolutely peaceful and beautiful.  Outside are areas where you can sit , sip on your wine and enjoy the scenery.  Inside we were greeted by a very nice lady who made us feel right at home.  She was so
much fun and damn near made me want to buy every wine they sold! Continue reading →

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