Nail Polish Polooza Giveaway!

Over the years my love of nail polish has grown immensely!  I remember back in the 90s when I would get acrylics done and air brush nail art.  I wish I would have taken pictures of them because they would defintely be cause for a good laugh now.  Fast forward to now and my love of nail polish has grown to my love of nail art.  I can’t even tell you all how much time and energy I’ve wasted used watching endless videos on YouTube trying to perfect some of the nail art.  There’s sharpie nail art, water marbling, gradient with a sponge…the list goes on!  And the only thing I’ve determined is that I suck at them all…LOL!

Let’s be real my skills are lacking but I love trying to attempt all that foolishness even though I know they are gonna be an epic fail.  Now in my quest to become a “pro” with nail art I’ve accumulated A LOT of polish.  And lately I find myself buying new colors only to realize I have something almost the same at home…smh.  So I’ve decided to partner up with Naturally Steallar and have an awesome giveaway filled with 16 polishes, a few lippies, mascara and eyeshadow palletes in our nail polish polooza.  I mean I can only wear so much polish at a time.

nail-polish-nailpolish-giveaway-2015-coilylocks-alisha-lampley [Read more…]

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My Daughter Wants to Hide Her Skin

Last month I took a leap of faith and decided to add a new segment to the blog for vitiligo awareness.  I was overwhelmed by the support from my fellow bloggers and my awesome readers.  Today I had planned to talk about how important sun safety is when you have vitiligo, but I wanted to switch gears after I started to notice something I was seeing in Morgan.

As the weeks pass by the weather has been getting warmer in our part of the country, but my daughter still insisted on wearing a sweater and leggings with her skirts to school.  I didn’t really pay much attention to it until it got hot!  So I finally asked her if she didn’t want anyone to see her beauty spots.  At first she dismissed it and then said yes.  I can’t even tell you all how much that hurt me inside.  I’ve been trying to approach talking about her vitiligo with her delicately because I know she’s not comfortable when I ask her about it.  I asked her if any of the kids said anything to her and she said yes but couldn’t remember.   [Read more…]

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Enjoy Cinco de Mayo with Spodee Wine!

What better way to kick off Cinco de Mayo than with a Spodee White Margarita Popsicle!  Last year I did a wine slushy post and it was a big hit with my fellow wine lovers!  And this recipe is sure to please you even more.  It includes wine and fresh fruit which totally makes it healthy, right?!?!  And because of their cute, small size they are perfect for cookouts and parties.  I know you’re just dying to know how to make one so I’m including the recipe for this adult treat!

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Julep Can Help You Find the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

*This post contains affiliate links.  I will use the money for something practical like more polish…or wine!*

Still looking for that perfect Mother’s Day gift? How about the Gift of Maven! Available in 2 month, 4 month or 6 month increments, the Gift of Maven is such a great way to treat Mom (or yourself) to the latest nail polish and beauty products without the commitment of a monthly subscription.


Surprise Mom with the only customizable monthly beauty box – Julep Maven. The Gift of Maven is available in 2 month, 4 month or 6 month increments and it is one of the best beauty values around – for example, a 6-month Gift of Maven is valued at over $240, but you only pay $119.94 – a savings of more than 50%. Here is how it works:

1. Go to the Julep Gift of Maven page and choose the number of boxes you’d like to give. (You can buy boxes for new or existing Mavens.)

2. Choose when you want your gift delivered and Julep will send your giftee a welcome email with redemption instructions.

3. Julep will send you an email to let you know your gift was redeemed.

Simple as that! Once the Gift of Maven increment is up, the recipient can choose to continue the subscription or you can gift even more.

The search for the perfect Mother’s Day gift is over – give Mom the Gift of Maven!


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