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Headshot alisha lampley coily locks origami owl 1Hi ~ I am Coily Locks and the Chief Officer of Finding Future Foursquare Check-ins, Communicative Director of Follows & Unfollows, Curatorial Chief of Hashtag, Director of Curating in Instagram Filters & Strategy, Google Plus & Hangout Queen, Head of Tumbling & Reblogging, Like Aggregator, Operating Facebook Futurist, Pinner Extraordinaire, Professional Filter Finder, Professional Giffer, Reach Director, Social Media Stylist and Tweeter-in-Chief.  I love what I do and have become. It affords to enjoy life the utmost and live out loud.  My government name is Alisha and I am Jeff’s wife.  He is amazingly supportive of my dreams and goals as I am of his.  We have two BEAUTIFUL young daughters who constantly keep us on our toes. I am a retired Social Worker.  Yes, I retired myself to follow my dreams and completely be present for my family.  I have always believed family is the most important gift to you and wherever you are be all there for them. Although I was a pretty good social worker it was challenging to truly be all there for clients and my family so I had to make a heart breaking choice.  However, I had a dynamic run at serving others.  After all service is the rent we pay for living.  Rent paid in full for that chapter of my life.  As I celebrate my life as a writer I have to laugh at how I started this website over seven years ago.  Yes, this has been in the works for sometimes.  Now the girls are in school and I have the chance to live out loud through my websites. Yes, I have more than one and it is Origami Owl.  This affords me to do things I love and still contribute financially to our home.  That feeling is priceless.  I started this blog as a way to share my natural hair journey which began in the Fall of 2011, the musings of motherhood and being a wife to my love, my passion as a food and wine aficionado.  I occasionally slip in my love for fashion as well.  Life is so precious and way too short not to do the things you love.  So as my saying goes “Everyone needs to believe in something.  I believe I’ll have another glass of wine…” Put on your big girl panties, pretty girl smile enjoy the journey of “The Musings of a Natural Hair Mom”.  I try to make the most out of every experience and believe that Karma is a mother so I try to be nice to her!


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