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Now I realize that today is Wednesday, but we are still going to call this post “Texture Tuesdays” because I couldn’t think of anything jazzy for Wednesday and this was supposed to go live on a Tuesday, but what had happened was……..

Recently I was sent 3 products from Curls Hair Products to test and review for Texture Tuesdays.  The last time I tried one of their products (over a year ago) I wasn’t highly impressed and just passed it off to my oldest daughter.  The product was Curls Milkshake – Hair Lotion which I now know is better suited for fine curly hair.  And Sybil may be fine, but she is not THAT kind of fine!  The 3 products I received were:  coconut sublime conditioner, cashmere curls leave-in conditioner and cashmere curl jelly.

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Before trying out any new products, I always clarify and cleanse my hair.  After I washed Sybil, I applied the sublime coconut conditioner and left it in for about 15 minutes.  The smell was awesome and it had a little bit of slip.  I typically like creamier conditioners but after I rinsed it out my hair felt great.  Next I applied the cashmere curls leave-in.  This is totally different than any type of leave-in that I use and it was similar in texture to a serum.  The last step was the cashmere curl jelly.  If you’ve used Kinky Curly’s curling custard before, this has the same type of consistency.  It was similar to a flax seed gel and was nice and light.  All of the products had a great scent and they didn’t linger all day or have a “perfumey” (is that even a word?!?!) scent.

Overall I loved the products and have continued to use them for the past week.  I’ve been using them when I do my wash-n-gos and have been able to get about 3 days out of a style.  Each morning I just re-wet a bit in the shower and roll out.  Check out Ms. Sybil below.  I love how my curls pop on the top but I swear the texture on the sides is like “ooo-wee”!  That is the only way I can nicely describe it…LOL  You can tell by the side-eye that I was giving Ms. Sybil that she needs to learn to behave herself.



Not only are the curls popping but they are juicy too!  LOL

Not only are the curls popping but they are juicy too! LOL

Be sure to also check out CURLS website.  They have a wide array of products for all types of curls.  If you’ve tried the Curls line, what was your favorite product and why?

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  1. Janae Holmes says

    Great Post! I haven’t tried the Curls products. I actually just read about the creator, Mahisha Dellinger in Black Enterprise. I’m going to have to check it! And you are hilarious with the “ooo-wee”…lol


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