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Key Places to Visit in Georgia

You may not know it but Georgia is a country located in Europe. Yet, it is also a country near Asia. It is now an independent country, but was once part of the Soviet Union. Georgia is the home of a lot of mountain ranges and beaches. As such, there are plenty of reasons for you to consider visiting this country. There could be a lot of news about the country, but none of them are dangerous or dark. Not many people have heard about the Republic of Georgia but there are plenty of reasons to visit the country. Surely, there are tons of places to visit in Georgia.

Aside from the places, one should note that there are other facets that people need to know about Georgia.

For one, the people of Georgia are friendly and the locals are ever eager to show tourists around the country and the capital Tbilisi. The Georgian peple are friendly people and the visit to this country is really worthwhile.

Another reason for people to visit Georgia is the food with a nice cuisine to offer the tourists. Georgian cuisine may not be well known to the people in the West, but it deserves a try and surely it is a gastronomic delight. Georgian cuisine is a fusion of regional cuisines. A supra is the Georgian feast that you should try at least once. It is a feast that you will never forget.

As you visit Georgia, it would be nice to start with Tblisi. It is best to spend some time in the Georgian capital to really absorb the culture of the people there. Unlike other capital cities, Tblisi is compact and can easily toured on foot. The city center is the location of the sulfur baths which one of the most interesting sights in the city.

The best next stop in your stay in Georgia is Uplistsikhe. It is an ancient cave town built up on a hillside. Surely, this is a town that can be a fun destination.

Another town that one should not miss when visiting Georgia is the town of Mtskheta where one can visit Jvari Monastery. It is a great place to have a nice view of the town. The monastery is located at the top of the town. One can also stop in some of the small shops and even have a drink of some pomegranate juice.

Svaneti is the town which the home of the Svan people. One can see the ancient tall defense towers in the town used to prevent attacks from other tribes.

Summer and winter are not the best times to visit Georgia as the summer months can be extremely hot, and the winters can be too cold for some people to travel.

The Key Elements of Great Vacations

The Key Elements of Great Vacations