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Better Health as a Tool of Empowering Women

It is common in most places around the globe, that women had been victims of neglect for a prolonged time. In light of that, efforts are being made by people to try and remedy the situation. Women empowerment can take the form of providing better healthcare for women all around the world. This is especially true because there are medical conditions that are unique to women, but experienced by anyone else in society. Examples of these medical conditions include menopause, painful monthly periods, PMS and heavy monthly periods. These are unique to women. As a result, one of the responses that you can afford women in society is to provide solutions that address and relieve them of these medical conditions that are unique to them. This will be a tool of women empowerment in society. If we do not act accordingly, we will find ourselves moving backwards to the era where women were not considered to be equal to men in society. Medical practitioners have come up with ways of identifying diseases that are unique to women that are not truly addressed. There are medical conditions that are unique to women in this article, shall seek to discuss some of those medical conditions and also discuss possible solutions to the medical issues that face our Humane Society. The hope is to point to healthcare as a possible tool to be used for women empowerment.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is the first medical condition that we shall seek to discuss. According to the medical practitioners will have taken time to study this condition, they have described it as a clinical syndrome. This condition shows itself in the form of mild obesity, acne and irregular menses. This condition is also capable of elevating the estrogen levels in women which most of the time will cause hyperplasia of the endometrium which in the past, has been a cause of endometrial cancer. There are medical solutions that have been developed in the past to address these fortunately. This include herbal medicine that is used to correct the menstrual cycles.

Menorrhagia is another medical condition that is unique to women. This condition is characterized by abnormally heavy menstrual periods that are also prolonged and occur in regular intervals. If you have noticed similar symptoms in you or a lady that you know, then this might be the condition that they are suffering from. There are medical practitioners such as Ayurvedic that have a working solution such as medicated ghee and herbal powders.

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