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Last Fall I did a post discussing the 5 types of wine.  Many of you reached out and requested that I go more in-depth and share my semi-professional aka wino expertise with you all.  One of the beautiful things about living in Middle Tennessee is that this area is surrounded by gorgeous vineyards.  Yep you read that right!  Vineyards right here in The South.  There is no written law that states only California can grow grapes.  LOL  Of the five main types of grapes grown in the United States, American and French-American hybrid varieties are the best adapted to Tennessee growing conditions.  One of my favorite types of grapes for wine is Muscadine.  Which leads me to today’s discussion of red wine.

Red wines are not really better than white wines, but a well made red wine has more flavor components and are typically more complex that white wines.  The skins of red wine grapes give it their color, tannin and assorted fruit flavors.  Red grape skins are kept in the fermenting vat for a longer period of time.

Tannin is extracted mainly from the grape skin which makes it more characteristic of red wines vs white wines.  Every bite into a grape seed?  Well that’s exactly what tannin taste like.  A wine that has an overpowering taste of tannin is like biting into a wool sweater.  For some this moderate flavor can be unpleasant to newer consumers of wine.

Red wine when consumed in moderation has also been shown to be good for the heart by increasing the levels of good cholesterol.  Remember when I stated that the skin of red wine is fermented longer?  This process produces resveratrol which is what makes is so heart healthy.  See and all this time y’all thought I was just drinking to drink.  I’m trying to live long and healthy!  LOL  Remember to drink responsibly. 😉

Next week I’ll be discussing white wine.   Probably since I’m a sugar addict, I love the sweeter wines.  One of my favorites is Davenport Red from Stoneham Winery.  A semi-sweet red wine made from the widely-planted Concord grape.  Cane be served lightly chilled or at room temperature with your favorite Italian food such as spaghetti, ravioli or lasagna.   What are you favorite red wines to sip on?

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      Alicia I’m cracking up at wine cooler…hahaha! I’ll have to do a post one week on my top 10 favorite wines. Some of my favorites come from the wineries that are in my area. You and hubby should go visit one and that way you can sample a few and make a date day out of it. And kids are welcome too. Some even have juice for the little ones.

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